Online Casinos in Wyoming 2023 – A Guide to Gambling in Wyoming

Wyoming has some of the strictest gambling laws in the nation. However, what precisely does Wyoming law state? Are online casinos in the US lawful in Wyoming? We’re certain that you’re interested in the specifics of gaming in this stunning location.

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Wyoming is commonly known as the rancher state for good reason. Wyoming, which has the second-lowest population density in the United States, will appeal to the lone rancher character. Wyoming’s conservative position is reflected in every piece of legislation, which prohibits the operation of online casinos in its entirety. Numerous individuals advocate online wagering through lawful ‘gray areas’

We would never, however, endorse such a foolhardy course of action. Try the Wyo-Lotto if you dislike traveling to one of the tribally owned casinos. Learn more about Wyoming online gambling laws and wagering in the frontier state by continuing to read. We will inform you of all the pertinent legislation, describe the available activities, and describe the institutions that operate here. In addition, we will examine potential payment methods, potential hazards, and the legality of social wagering.

The Best Online Casinos in Wyoming Must Meet the Following Criteria:

Offer an extensive selection of casino games; Be licensed and operate in accordance with state laws; Provide opportunities for the form of wagering that most interests you.

Wyoming’s Acceptance Of Land-Based And Online Casinos

The issue of gambling is contentious in the frontier state. According to Wyoming’s gambling regulations, it is illegal for the state to operate an online casino. This Wyoming legislative document raises significant questions about the legality of online gambling in the state. Despite this, the state hosts a number of lawful casinos on tribal reservations. The Arapaho tribe was granted legal rights and founded a casino in 2005 following an intense legal battle. This decision allowed numerous other tribal casinos to operate. All lawful casinos in the state are predicated on federal judicial precedent. However, casinos are not the sole lawful wagering venues in the Cowboy State. In 2013, Wyoming legalized a state lottery through legislative action. In 2018, lawful horse racing returned to the state after a lengthy absence.

If you enjoy wagering as a means of relieving stress, you should also consider socially-based gambling. According to the Wyoming legislature, socially based gambling is defined as any form of gambling that does not involve actual money. On applications such as Facebook, examples of social wagering include play-money poker, slot machines, and online roulette. Smartphone wagering applications that utilize play tokens rather than actual currency are also acceptable. The state also permits charitable organizations to raise funds through lotteries, bingo, and other forms of social wagering. Poker and bingo are also permissible for social recreation, so long as no real money is involved. Here is a list of legal Wyoming wagering activities:


State of Wyoming Lottery.

Tribal reservations with legal casinos.

There are pari-mutuel wagering opportunities on horses at Sweetwater Downs and Wyoming Downs.

Social wagering, such as social casinos, that does not involve actual money.

Present-day Gambling on Land in Wyoming

Unique Casino County CharacteristicsCasino Games

Wind River Hotel and Riverton CasinoSlot machines; Hotels; RV parking; Poker tournaments; Table games; and Slot machines800 Slots

9 Table Games 1 Poker Table

Shoshone Rose Casino Lander Slot machines, a player’s club, a hotel, a business center, and meeting spaces.400 Slots 5 Table Games

The 789 Smokeshop & Casino Riverton features slot machines, bingo, and retail shops.200 Slots

Little Wind Casino Ethete Slot machines; Dining; Loyalty Card170 Slots 5 Table Games

Wyoming Online Gambling Laws

Wyoming is not considered one of the most liberal states in terms of wagering. Consequently, the laws governing activities are stringent and meticulously regulated. However, Wyoming online wagering laws are not discussed in the state legislature and are somewhat ambiguous. It is stated explicitly that online casinos may not operate within the state’s borders. Given that it is unlawful for other casinos to operate without a license and that the only casinos are located on a Native American reservation, we recommend avoiding online wagering. Having prohibited online casinos, it is unlikely that state authorities would be more lenient regarding cross-state online wagering. However, the Wyoming legislature has gradually become more accepting of gambling activities over time.



The legalization of horse racing and wagering is an illustration of progress. A second illustration is the addition of a state lottery. Perhaps the next major leap will be the legalization of online casinos. How old you must be to gamble online according to Wyoming’s online gambling laws is a query that is related but slightly distinct. According to Wyoming law, the legal gambling age is 18, so if online gambling were legalized, we would presume that the legal gambling age online would be the same.


What Should I Understand Regarding Online Casinos in Wyoming?

There are no distinct Wyoming online gambling laws. Online wagering is a gray area in the Cowboy State.

In this jurisdiction, strictly speaking, online wagering is not permitted.

Wyoming has strict regulations governing the operation of casinos and gambling in general.

Legally, operators cannot operate online casinos within state borders.

In this jurisdiction, anyone over the age of 18 may legally wager using any of the legal options available.

What Wyoming’s Offshore Casino Gambling Laws Mean For Wyoming Players

Before we delve into what the Wyoming legislature has to say about offshore wagering, we’d like to provide some clarification. We do not encourage or suggest exploiting legal gray areas or vulnerabilities in any way. Any shrewd Wyoming resident will avoid offshore and online gambling until it is officially sanctioned by the state – if that day ever comes. In spite of this, numerous offshore casinos welcome Wyoming participants. This does not, however, testify to the legality of such arrangements, as many online casinos permit participants from restricted jurisdictions. The casino cannot be held liable for legal actions brought against gamblers. In contrast, a casino is frequently left with a customer’s funds after the player has suffered legal consequences.


Moreover, online wagering is not prohibited nationwide. Therefore, there are no federal laws that prohibit online wagering with casinos. However, state law remains entirely binding, and if you violate it you will be subject to a fine or prison time. In conclusion, despite the fact that some online casinos may welcome you as a consumer, it is not lawful to gamble with such operators. Wyoming’s online wagering laws may not mention offshore casinos explicitly. However, it does state that it is illegal to wager with any entity that has not been officially legalized by Wyoming law. Is online wagering legal in Wyoming? No. If you wish to gamble legally in Wyoming, you must avoid offshore and online casinos until the state’s government officially legalizes internet operators. Suppose that day ever arrives.


Online Gambling for Wyoming

The Wyoming legislature has made it illegal to operate an online business in Wyoming. As a result, Wyoming’s online wagering laws prohibit the offering of online casino games. If, however, Wyoming’s wagering laws were to change to permit the introduction of online casinos within the state, we anticipate that the following games would become available:


Digital slot machines, including sophisticated video slots, progressive reward slots, and classic slot machines, among others.

Live table activities, such as live dealer blackjack, poker, and roulette.


Video baccarat

There are millions of online casino games available, and it is impossible to predict which ones would be accessible if Wyoming’s laws were to change. Nonetheless, we are confident that some of the aforementioned titles will become accessible.


Options For Depositing At Wyoming Online Casinos

Since it is against the law for online casinos to operate in Wyoming, we cannot determine which payment methods are most prevalent. However, if something were to change, we anticipate that many of the most prevalent payment methods would remain largely unchanged. At this point in time, e-wallets at PayPal Casinos, Skrill Casinos, and Neteller Casinos are extremely popular payment methods. The use of credit and debit cards is another prevalent payment method that has always been popular. Prepaid cards have become a popular addition to the payment options since their introduction. Bank transfers and cryptocurrency are also popular alternatives. We cannot tell with certainty which of these methods will be the most popular; all we can do is speculate. If online wagering is ever legalized in Wyoming, these are likely to be the most popular payment options.


FAQs About Wyoming Online Casinos

Is online wagering legal in Wyoming?

Technically, online wagering is illegal within state borders. Wyoming’s wagering regulations prohibit the operation of online casinos within the state.


Can I participate at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Wyoming?

You cannot participate at online casinos in Wyoming using any device, including a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet computer.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in Wyoming?

There are no permitted online casinos in Wyoming, so there are no games. Social wagering sites where no real money is wagered are your only option for playing online.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

True, however not in the Cowboy State. A small number of U.S. states permit players to use dollars at real-money casinos.


Are these online casinos in Wyoming regulated?

The Wyoming legislature prohibits the operation of online casinos in the state. However, if you are a resident of a state or nation where online casinos are legal, you can rest assured that all of the online casinos we list are flawlessly regulated and exhaustively inspected.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive at a casino in Wyoming?

Online casinos are prohibited by Wyoming’s gambling laws. Any legitimate online casinos would likely offer bonuses in the near or distant future if something were to alter.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Wyoming?

You do not, as there are no casinos where you can gamble. Online casinos for real money are not permitted in Wyoming.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Wyoming?

Again, there are no prevalent payment methods because there are no online wagering facilities.


Wyoming: Am I required to pay taxes on my wagering winnings?

Under federal law, all wagering winnings are fully taxable. You must include wagering proceeds as part of your taxable income during tax season.


Stay on the Legal Side when Participating in Online Gambling in Wyoming

In this jurisdiction, there are several brick-and-mortar casinos to choose from. Online casinos are prohibited, so you should avoid wagering on them. However, this does not imply that you cannot win large at one of the tribally owned establishments. We trust that this article has helped answer some of your concerns.

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